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Here you will find a list of the best drives in and around Sydney. The aim is to create and rate a list of car journeys that are enjoyable and challenging for motoring enthusiasts. With that in mind I'd love to hear what suggestions or comments have about the below. Even more, I'd love to hear from people with new suggested trips.

Sydney - North

 Rank Name Distance (kms) Hours  Minutes
 1 Grey Gum Cafe 121145
 2 Corrugated Cafe 56 38
 3 Maraylya  71110
 4Wahroonga - Brooklyn 51 40 
 5Wakehurst  7120 
 6The Gorge 25  40 

Sydney - West

 Rank Name Distance (kms) Hours  Minutes
 1 Bells Line  254 3 42


Sydney - South

 Rank Name Distance (kms) Hours  Minutes
 1Kiama  250 4 10


If you have some suggestions or want to provide feedback or more information on these drives please contact me at director@ciaops.com.