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Bells Line

Length - 254 kms
Time - 3h 42 mins (approx)

General Description

Head west to along the M4 to Penrith. Then take the Great Western Highway across the Blue Mountains. At Lithgow turn right and head back along the Bells Line of Road through Windsor and Richmond.


Initial travel along M7 and M4 allows the car to warm up and get some good time at high speeds. The return trip along the Bells Line of Road is very scenic in places and a very enjoyable driving road.


The road across the Blue Mountains is still being worked on but has improved greatly over the years. There are still a few single lane locations and roadworks that may hinder travel. Also be ware of police enforcement across the mountains given that it is main the road west. The road from Mount Victoria down to the valley is quite step and windy so ensure you drive within yours and the cars limits.


You can obtain fuel at the turn around point in Lithgow if required.


1. McDonalds Lithgow




if you have any feedback or suggestions about this trip please contact me via director@ciaops.com.