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The Gorge

Length - 25.4 kms
Time - 40 minutes (approx)

General Description

Turn off the Pacific Highway after travelling through Hornsby. Take the Galston Road through the Gorge and emerge at Galston. From there travel to Dural and then West Pennant Hills.


There aren't a lot of road like this in Sydney. You get some scenic views as you seethe through the Gorge.  Travel through the gorge on the eastern side is via a set of extremely tight hairpin corners. On the other side of the Gorge around Galston there are some nice cafes to stop and have a break.


There is speed camera prior to heading into the Gorge on the eastern side. The hairpin turns on the eastern side are EXTREMELY tight so beware of your turning circle as well as bottoming the vehicle out as the turn in. As it is only a single lane road in and out there is good chance you'll get stuck behind slower vehicles. At the bottom of the Gorge there is a single lane bridge which means you may have to wait for oncoming traffic to cross. The route is also taken by cyclists so beware of these on the very narrow road.






- Speed camera on eastern entrance to Gorge.
- Very tight turn on eastern side
- Single lane, very low speed travel


Travelling through the Gorge from West to East.


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