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Length - 71 kms
Time - 80 mins (approx)

General Description

Start at Thornleigh and head down the Comenarra Parkway to Lane Cove Road. Continue along Lane Cove road as it becomes Mona Vale Road through St Ives. Turn right onto Forest Way at Terry Hills and follow that to Warringah Rd. Turn left onto Warringah Road and left onto the Wakehurst Parkway heading to Narrabeen. Turn left onto Pittwater Road and a short distance along turn left into Garden Road and then left into Powerworks road. Follow Powerworks road back up the hill to Mona Vale road and continue all the way along until reaching Yanko Road which leads back into the Comenarra Parkway and back to Thornleigh.


There are plenty of twist, turns and dips on the Comenarra Parkway. You can extend the car up to 90 at points along Mona Vale Road. The drive along teh Wakehurst Parkway past Narabeen is quite scenic. Powerworks road provides a good hill climb.


Traffic along the Comenarra Parakway is generally limited to 60 kmph as is the road through St Ives almost all the way along to the St Ives showground.


There are places to fill up at St Ives and Narrabeen.



- Ensure travel along Mona Vale Road in the 60 kmph zones is heeded.



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