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The immobilizer is normally a separate device (although it can be upgraded to a single device with the key). This remote not only controls the central locking but also the engine immobilizer. Once the doors are opened, there is about 90 seconds to start the car before the immobilizer engages and prevents the engine from starting.  If the immobilizer is engaged you will see a red flashing light on the console between the seats below the gear stick. To disable the immobilizer, if it has engaged before the engine is started, simply press the remote again.

0 - Steering lock on (the key can be removed, the steering lock is engaged as soon as the key is withdrawn, even partially. The parking lights and hazard lights can be switched on.
I - Power up ABS, pressurise the braking system and energise the alternator.
II - The ignition system and all other electrical systems are engergized.
III - Start

Starting a cold engine

- Make sure that the gearshift lever is in neutral
- Depress the clutch pedal and turn the key to position III to start the engine.
- Do not press the accelerator pedal
- Release the key as soon as the engine fires. The key returns to position II
- If the engine fails to start or stalls, turn the key to position 0 and start again.

Starting a hot engine

- Proceed as above for Starting a cold engine.
- If the engine fails to start after a few attempts, check the following:
a. Check the cranking speed is sufficient. The battery could be discharged or the oil could be too thick or too cold.
b. Check the ignition system (damp spark plugs, coil problems, etc.).
c. Check for electrical short circuit and bad connections.
d. Check the fuel pump fuses.

After starting a cold engine, do not exceed 4,000 rpm until the engine warms up (i.e. until the coolant reaches a temperature of 65 - 70C (150 - 160F).

Avoid full acceleration until oil temperature reaches 65 - 70C (150 - 160F).

Press the central locking lock push button G to lock the doors from the inside, but do so only with both doors closed. Press the unlock push-button H to unlock them.

Pull lever A under the steering wheel to release column. Adjust. Re-lock the column with lever A on completion. Never adjust the steering column while the car is moving.

Engine Cover

To open engine cover, pull handle A next to drivers seat.

The engine cover is held open by two gas dampers B. 

If the main release fails to operate, pull the emergency release ring C located inside fuel filler cap.


Pull lever A in the foot well on drivers side to release bonnet.

The bonnet is held open by two dampers B.

If the main bonnet release lever fails to operate, pull the emergency release C under the dashboard.

Fuel filler cap

To open the fuel filler cap, press button A. The ignition must be on for this to operate.

If the electrical opening mechanism fails pull lever B located in engine compartment over the left hand shock absorber.


A - Suspension mode switch.
1. "Sport" position 
2. "Comfort" position. Indicator 2 on instrument panel will light when in this mode.

Indicator 19 on instrument panel if lit while car is moving indicates an electrical malfunction in the suspension system. See the instrument panel page for more information on this error.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

To turn off ABS press button A on console between seats.