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1 - Rear Fog lights (green)
2 - Comfort suspension setting indicator (amber)
3 - Fuel reserve light (amber)
4 - 
5 - 5/8 cylinder bank "Slow down" warning light (red)
6 - Brake malfunction warning light (red)
7 - Left turn indicator (green)
8 - High beam (blue)
9 - Parking brake warning light (red)
10 - 5/8 cylinder bank "Check Engine" warning light (amber)
11 - 1/4 cylinder bank "Check Engine" warning light (amber)
12 - Heated exterior mirror indicator (amber)
13 - ABS warning light (amber)
14 - Right turn indicator light (green)
15 - Alternator warning light (red)
16 - 1/4 cylinder bank "Slow down" warning light (red)
17 - Airbag warning light (red)
18 - Parking light indicator (green)
19 - Suspension malfunction warning light (amber)
20 - Seat belt warning light (red)
21 - Oil Pressure warning light (red)
22 - Coolant temperature warning light (red)


Oil pressure
Under normal conditions, the red oil pressure warning light must always be off. Under normal conditions, with the engine running at 6,000rpm and oil temperature at 100C (212F), oil pressure should remain between 72 and 87 psi. It is normal for pressure to drop below 4.5 bar when the engine is warm and idling. 

Oil temperature
Reduce engine speed immediately if the temperature goes beyond 150C (302F). If the temperature reading does not drop, have the system checked.

Coolant temperature
Reduce engine speed immediately if the temperature gauge needle goes beyond 115C (239F). If the temperature reading does not drop have system checked.

Exhaust system overheating
There are two red warning lights on the dashboard marked "Slow down 1/4" (16 above) and "Slow down 5/8" (5 above). These are controlled by the exhaust thermocouples through the Motronic ECU.
If high temperatures develop in the exhaust system as a result of an engine these lights will flash or light to warn of the condition.
If these warning lights flash, the catalytic converter is overheating. Slow down at once and have the system checked. if the lights stay on, the catalytic converter has reached a dangerous temperature. If you continue to drive, the injection ignition system ECU will cut off fuel to the injectors to prevent damage. Stop immediately and have the car towed for service.
Note: the two "Slow down" lights come on automatically for about 2 seconds to test functioning whenever the ignition key is switched to the ON position.

If any of the suspensions system's electrical components malfunctions, the ECU lights the suspension malfunction warning light (19 above) and regulates the shock absorbers to a fixed safety setting.

If one of the actuators malfunctions, the ECU may be unable to control it. This may cause the shock absorber regulated by that actuator to function continuously in one fixed setting. Even under these conditions the vehicle remain safe to drive. The ECU stores an error code for the malfunction in its internal memory.

If the suspension malfunction light comes on while the car is moving, stop that car, turn the ignition to "Stop" and then back to "On". If the warning light does not comes on again, the malfunction was temporary (e.g. bad contact) and the system will operate normally.